Spec13 is HOSTING a podcast!

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

Once in a great while, a podcast comes along worth listening to. And when that podcast comes along, you’ll know it, because it’ll be made by Spec13 Motorsports. Keep your eyes peeled for the release of the first three episodes of “The Download Session,” the official podcast of Spec13 Motorsports, this Wednesday! The Download Session will be about Spec13's shenanigans, automotive related topics, racecars and racing!

Thanks to RPM Raceway for allowing us the use of their amazingly appointed party room to record! Listen for the sounds of the karts going by in episodes 2 and 3!

Click HERE to go to The Download Session page.

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A New "Spec" of Drivers

Spec13 Motorsports is a motivated team of five drivers with a goal to become as immersed in the motorsports world as possible. The team worked their way up through NASA’s (National Auto Sport Association) HPDE program and consists of Spec Miata drivers, instructors and time trial competitors.



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