Matt's Boosted BRZ Engine Swap

Matt has been a good friend of mine for a while, so when he called me saying his daily driven boosted BRZ was knocking I offered up the Spec13 shop for a transplant. This wasn't a completely selfless act. I was eager to dive into the swap because I knew it would be good practice for when my own FRS engine inevitably pops. After watching the Speed Academy FA20 swap video we got the car on the lift and got to work.

Subaru did a fantastic job packaging this engine for quick swaps. The hardest part by far was removing the aftermarket turbo kit. Once that was removed the swap went very smooth. The engine harness has one main disconnect leaving only 3 fuel lines, the engine mounts and the transmission bolts holding the engine in. All of which were easily accessible.

While the engine was out Matt wanted to swap his super noisy throw out bearing and worn clutch. We replaced the fragile OEM clutch fork with the Verus Engineering forged unit along with a new Exedy clutch disc and pressure plate.

I convinced Matt to ditch the turbo kit. It wasn't in the best condition and created a bunch of headaches. Matt was a little hesitant but has since stated that he enjoys the car more without the turbo.

Without the headache of a turbo kit to reinstall, we had the new engine in it's new home and buttoned up in no time.

A New "Spec" of Drivers

Spec13 Motorsports is a motivated team of five drivers with a goal to become as immersed in the motorsports world as possible. The team worked their way up through NASA’s (National Auto Sport Association) HPDE program and consists of Spec Miata drivers, instructors and time trial competitors.



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