Luke's 240sx SR20DET Swap

Luke came to us in need of some help with a SR20DET swap in his drift build S13 Nissan 240sx. He purchased the engine from Spec13 driver Alec Fitzgerald and with the engine came a promise that Luke could use the Spec13 Shop and pick our brains during the install. Those of you that know Mike Smith and myself know that we have both had SR20 swapped 240s in the past and have done our fair share of swaps. (As a matter of fact, that is how Mike and I met.) After reminiscing about how much we miss our 240s, and the times where they were just a royal pain, we got to work.

The 28 year old SOHC KA24 was removed without much fuss. The majority of the pain was dealing with the usual New York state rust and grime.

The new SR20DET took a little time to finesse into place. Anyone that has done this swap before knows it is easier to put the engine in with the transmission. It makes the job a little awkward trying to finagle such a long assembly on the engine lift. But after a few angle adjustments to the engine hoist chain placement, the SR is now in place.

We thought it would be smooth sailing once the engine was dropped in and holes were cut for the intercooler piping, but the SR is known for being a picky engine. It decided the really beat engine harness wasn’t gonna cut it and ran rough until we replaced it. After a few other small snags, she came to life.

A New "Spec" of Drivers

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