Instructing/coaching with Josh Herbert at Pineview Run

Pineview Run Auto & Country Club is New York's newest destination for the outdoor and motorsports enthusiast. This season Pineview is offering instructing/coaching with me (Spec13 driver Josh Herbert) for both members and non-members. This offer includes one-on-one on track coaching with a N.A.S.A. and M.S.F. certified high performance driving instructor. The session can include anything from guiding you through your first laps, to data review, to trying to find those extra few tenths. The instruction content and duration is up to you and what you would like to work on in your own car!

Scheduling instructing/coaching: Pineview is open Wednesday through Sunday and I am tentatively available after 4pm on weekdays and throughout the weekend. You can contact me through this website by clicking the 'contact us' link or email me directly at to check in and see when I am available before booking.

The cost is $50/hr for members and $75/hr for non-members. Click the link to book your session:

Please note: Non-members are required to attend and pass the Pineview safety class before being allowed on track. This can be scheduled same day before the instruction/coaching courses begin. See details here:

If you have any questions on instructing/coaching or Pineview, please feel free to ask!


A New "Spec" of Drivers

Spec13 Motorsports is a motivated team of five drivers with a goal to become as immersed in the motorsports world as possible. The team worked their way up through NASA’s (National Auto Sport Association) HPDE program and consists of Spec Miata drivers, instructors and time trial competitors.



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