Off to NJMP Thunderbolt with NASA

Updated: Oct 10, 2018

The team is headed back to New Jersey Motorsports Park on October 12-14th with NASA Northeast.

The Spec13 Motorsports crew is headed to NJMP with NASA NorthEast Friday thru Sunday!

Mike Smith & Chris Graham will be competing in #SpecMiata. Josh Herbert will be instructing Michael Filosi will be competing in TTE Alec Fitzgerald will be in HPDE

Registration is still open and it looks like there are still a few places left if you want to join in the festivities! Click here to sign up!

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A New "Spec" of Drivers

Spec13 Motorsports is a motivated team of five drivers with a goal to become as immersed in the motorsports world as possible. The team worked their way up through NASA’s (National Auto Sport Association) HPDE program and consists of Spec Miata drivers, instructors and time trial competitors.



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